There are good filmmakers, and then there are great filmmakers.

You’ve got your Spielbergs, your Hitchcocks, your Leans, your Scorceses, your Coens, your Tarantinos and your Ford Coppolas.

Hell, you’ve even got your Camerons and your Lucases when it comes to making money out of the movies too.

But there aren’t too many who’ve really mastered the homage. The dark art of the knowing tribute to a previous work that somehow enhances the original. A body of work that will bring a new audience to see both pieces as a natural symbiosis of the filmmaker’s art.

Scorcese came close with The Departed, his gritty reworking of the Infernal Affairs films, but nobody else has really come close to mastering it.

Until now. There’s a new kid on the block.

Meet Arthur. He’s young, bold and has taken the movie world by storm with his insightful recreations.

The boy’s a genius. Probably.

Check out his portfolio at

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