Stighlorgan talks tech

Style Week on Pocket-lint would, of course, be nothing at all if we didn’t ask the opinions of those who really know what style is all about. So, as part of our five days of fun, we got hold of five top UK-based fashion designers to talk to us about what they see in their gadgets and what they're after when searching to buy some great looking technology.

So far we’ve heard from Orla Kiely, Fred Butler, Eley Kishimoto and Roksanda Ilnicic but today is the turn of the brand that is Stighlorgan. Started up by a group of creative Irish folk living in Blighty, Stighlorgan is a modern men’s accessory label with its roots and inspirations firmly footed in soils of the old country.

Fresh onto the fashion scene, the designers are currently working on their third collection after rave reviews of their bags, belts and hats for Autumn/Winter 2011 among which Pocket-lint likes the Roban rucksack and Driscoll bag. The designers of Stighlorgan were kind enough to spare us the time to chat about what they like and don’t like in technology design.

1. What, for you, makes a beautiful gadget or piece of consumer technology?

Simplicity and quality. Simple lines are defined by quality craftsmanship. Dieter Rams and the work he did for Braun redefined simplicity in the 1960s. He used expressions such as 'function over form' to guide the way he styled things. But this in itself was an incredibly particular style. Many, including Apple, continue to be heavily inspired by this era of Braun products and we think it has led people towards understanding how to enjoy the simple shape of a machine in its most honest form.

2. Are there any common errors that you see tech companies making when designing the look and feel of their products?

Over-designing & over-styling.

3. Form or function? Both are important but which has the edge for you when choosing your phones, laptops, etc and why?

Always function. It defines the form.

4. Phones, cameras and laptops have all got smaller, bigger, fatter and thinner over the years. What do you think the next trends in their style and design might be?

Functionality and usability. Now that technology is moving so fast, the way it's styled is becoming more and more defined by the technology in question. We think with everything going on in technology, people will become more comfortable if the machines are styled without demanding their own bit of attention.

5. Name the five most beautiful pieces of consumer electronics of all time in your opinion?

Braun PC 3-SV turntable, TDK 3 BASS Boombox, B&O's Beomaster 1900, Braun SM31, Naoto Fukasawa's Muji wall fan.

You can check out more of Stighlorgan's styles on the company website, pick up a few items in the Stighlorgan shop or just learn how to tie knots.

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