Google can do so many things. It can find information. It can find pictures. It can find video, shopping, music, friends; it can even translate words into different languages. It can organise your documents, your messages, your social life, even your finances.

But, and it’s hard to believe when you think about all the things it can do, it can’t schedule an email to go at a particular time. It also can’t add a "read receipt" to it, like most email clients can. OK, so webmail is always short of a few features isn’t it?

Well, thanks to those features are now available through their handy plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

Download the extension and you can take total control of your Gmail. Setting schedules is through a simple dropdown menu and you can even set recurring messages for those people who never respond the first time (we all know a few of those, don’t we?).

A handy addition to an already powerful online comms set-up.

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