Roksanda Ilincic talks tech

Style Week on Pocket-lint would, of course, be nothing at all if we didn’t ask the opinions of those who really know what style is all about. So, as part of our five days of fun, we got hold of five top UK fashion designers to talk to us about what they see in their gadgets and what they're after when searching to buy some top looking technology.

So far we’ve spoken to Orla Kiely, Fred Butler and Eley Kishimoto but today is the turn of the wonder of womenswear that is Roksanda Ilincic. Born in Belgrade but resident in East London, Roksanda is known for coming out with bright and bold eveningwear and can name a private clinetele which includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Roisin Murphy, Thandie Newton, Cate Blanchett, Cristina Ricci, Kate Hudson, Margherita Missoni and Rosamund Pike.

Where Pocket-lint readers are more likely to see her work, however, is on the 2011 range of limited edition Sky+HD 1TB boxes launched for Christmas to celebrate 10 years of Sky+. We caught up with Roksanda to ask her her views on gadget design.

1. What, for you, makes a beautiful gadget or piece of consumer technology?

Attention to detail and simplicity in design. I love something which you can customise yourself though. That way you can add a cover or attachment which could be quirky and fun or more sophisticated depending on what you feel like. You can end up using the same phone or laptop, for example, for a long time so it's great to be able to update them a little.  

2. Are there any common errors that you see tech companies making when designing the look and feel of their products?

I think that when too much attention is paid to a specific look without considering the functionality.

3. Form or function? Both are important but which has the edge for you when choosing your phones, laptops, etc. and why?

As a designer myself, I think that form and function are inextricably linked. Form is essential but without function it loses its appeal. It's important to pay attention to both.

4. Phones, cameras and laptops have all got smaller, bigger, fatter and thinner over the years. What do you think the next trends in their style and design might be?

I think probably more sleek, light, portable and versatile.

5. Name the five most beautiful pieces of consumer electronics of all time in your opinion?

I'm a little bit of an Apple fan, if I'm honest. They don't make everything though and they've some great competition out there.

I still love Polaroid, but newer camera brands like Lomography and Qlix are really fun. I just received my special edition Sky+HD 1TB box in the post and it's beautiful too! So sleek.

You can see more of Roksanda’s work on her website and you can pick yourself up one of her limited edition Sky+HD 1TB boxes starting from £49 from Sky.

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