Buying tickets for anything online used to be so straightforward. You went to one of a couple of trusted names and you bought your tickets. Simples (as people seem to be saying absolutely bloody everywhere these days – those meerkats have got it coming, if you asked me…).

But then more sites popped up. And more. And more, and naturally prices went down, but soon it was turned into a bit of a lottery as to whether you were dealing with trusted sources.

Tales of people being ripped of became ten a penny and soon you were back to those few trusted names, who these days tend to charge top dollar for pretty much everything and are so popular, you don’t stand a chance when it comes to nabbing a pair of tickets to see the latest eighties supergroup reunion.

So came up in conversation after a few of us narrowly missed out on the Stone Roses tickets.

Apparently this site is fast, which is what matters these days. And as it’s from the people who own the NEC in Birmingham, you know you can trust them.

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