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Style Week on Pocket-lint would, of course, be nothing at all if we didn’t ask the opinions of those who really know what style is all about. So, as part of our five days of fun, we’ve got hold of five top UK fashion designers to talk to us about what they see in their gadgets and what they're after when searching to buy some top looking technology.

Yesterday, Orla Kiely kicked us off but today is the turn of London-based, world famous, bespoke props and accessories fashion designer Fred Butler. With a client list that boasts La Roux, The Gossip, Sigur Ros, Patrick Wolf, Little Boots and Lady Gaga, Butler has fast become the go to girl as far as looking good on the music scene goes. Fresh from her tie-in with Sonos, she took the time to fill us on what Pocket-lint didn't know about style in technology.

1. What, for you, makes a beautiful gadget or piece of consumer technology?

Something that is fun. I grew up in the 80s being jealous of my friend's GameBoys and Sega Mega Drives, so I have that instilled aspiration to own something silly, flashy and a bit kitsch.

Bright colours also grab my attention, and I was able to bring the two together (great gadgets and bright colours) into something beautiful with my recent collaboration with Sonos. I created bespoke PLAY:3 units which mirrored my Spring/Summer 2012 collection at London Fashion Week.

2. Are there any common errors that you see tech companies making when designing the look and feel of their products?

Just that the instructions are too complicated so no-one bothers to read them and probably misses out on getting to know all the functions.

3. Form or function? Both are important but which has the edge for you when choosing your phones, laptops, etc and why?

I just buy whatever is the best for my price range - i.e. what is the best lens on a cheap digital camera. I can only afford to acquire what is in my limits, so I can't make decisions on conspicuous consumption, yet!!

4. Phones, cameras and laptops have all got smaller, bigger, fatter and thinner over the years. What do you think the next trends in their design might be?

Wearable. It’s a pain to carry these things around separately. They need to be combined into one consolidated handset that clips onto your clothes with ease.

5. Name the five most beautiful pieces of consumer electronics of all time in your opinion?

I’m not sure I could name five but I did absolutely LOVE my first Walkman!!

You can follow Fred Butler on her website as well keep 'em peeled for her work on album covers and in music videos the world over.

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