There is a terrible affliction that some people have. You walk into a bar with somebody and barge your way to front of the queue and turn to your drinking companion and ask: “What are you drinking…?”

They um, they ah, they prevaricate and ponder, all the while you know you’re losing your grip on the bartender’s attention and risk being left forlornly waiving a twenty pound note in the air while the bar staff do a passable job of carrying on as though you don’t exist.

I don’t get it. Most of us here will have planned the evening’s drinking pattern hours, if not days in advance, so why can’t people just decide?

Maybe it’s just this frustration that has spawned, a handy reference tool to give you the perfect drink based on what music you’re listening to.

We can recommend Foo Fighters as that suggests a cool refreshing beer. Iron Maiden however spits up a 10oz hit of LSD. Hmmm…

Big thanks to for sending it through too.

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