APP OF THE DAY: Lovefilm By Post review (Android)

If those pretty please with sugar on it come back and start paying us again e-mails haven’t been doing the trick, then prepare for another way of getting sucked into renting films until you get stuck on something really worthy that you’re never in the mood to watch and too proud to admit defeat and post back.

Fortunately, the world of movie rentals has gone digital with downloads and streaming negating the sluggish roots of snail mail. Unfortunately, today’s app of the day on Pocket-lint doesn’t quite cater for it, but it’s still worth having.

Lovefilm By Post



Android Market

So, Lovefilm has come to Android but there is a catch and you might have guessed what it is by the name of the app. Lovefilm will basically allow you to do everything you want with your Lovefilm account on your phone except the important part - watch films. Once you get over that though, it’s a highly worthwhile piece of software to have on your mobile.

Lovefilm By Post allows you to search through the 70,000-odd titles on DVD and Blu-ray with a swipe of your finger. They’re all broken down into categories and include reviews, ratings and the odd trailer which you can actually watch this time. The most important thing of all though is that you can add any you like the look of to your rentals list as well as do as much admin, re-ordering and spring cleaning to your upcoming mail-outs as you wish.

Naturally, there’s also the opportunity to peruse the Lovefilm game archives where you can filter by console as well as game genre. If that’s not enough for you, and you really want to be able to rent and stream on the move, then your best bets are either to switch to iPad or head over to the likes of Netflix when it opens its doors in the UK in 2012.