Sports fans the world over have a new best friend in the iPad but finding the Best iPad Sports apps to suit you isn't always easy. There are simply tonnes of sports apps out there but, pick the right ones and you can be kept not only up to date on all the sports you love but also find a whole new fondness for quite a few more at the same time.

There are some pretty dodgy golf apps for the iPad out there but it's very clear the minute you open PGA Tour HD that you've found the right one. Straight off the tee, the production values are obvious, with more polish and shine than American smile.

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The app takes you straight to whatever tournament is currently taking place and brings you the usual slew of videos, analysis, PGA standings, statistics and, where, available, hole-by-hole details of the course in question. It will even push you in the right direction for any competition-specific apps such as that for the Ryder Cup.

iTunes: Link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5

The ESPNcricinfo service has been a staple of the internet for cricket-loving fans everywhere for many-a-year now. It's even a bit of an old hand on mobile, with a thriving iPhone app. Fortunately, EPSN decided that it was time to go big screen for the ICC World Twenty20 2012 tournament.

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The app brings locally relevant content from all cricket competitions straight to your Apple tablet with push notifications of match updates and in-play alerts. Naturally, there will also be full access to the news, stats, records and expert analysis and information from the main ESPNcricinfo website.

iTunes: Link

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

There are a couple of sports social tools out there but the only decent one you can get for the iPad at the moment is Fanatix. Housing info on bags of games from sacks of countries in truckloads of different sports, the app brings you the conversations going on round the networks in the build-up to, during and after the matches themselves.

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Twitter is the main port of call by way of Fanatix searching for relevant tweets using hashtags as well as known sources, but the app will also do everything in its power to get you to hand over your Facebook credentials too. Doubtless, this would be a great way to connect with your friends who also use it. The trouble is that they don't. A good app nonetheless but a touch buggy.

iTunes: Link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5

Those wanting to know what any sport they’re supposed to be watching is all about need to pick up the essential guide to the Olympics, and all other sporting events and pastimes whatsoever, that is Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports.

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Presented in an easy-to-digest and entirely non-threatening style, the app lists 60 or 70 different sports at present, each represented by a card on the UI. Touch that card to flip it over and you can then read all about the various ins and outs of each discipline in a way that makes even cricket and the offside rule look understandable. We kid you not. Again, all offline, this is an absolute essential. Just a shame it’s iOS only right now.

iTunes: Link

Price: 69p

Rating: 5/5

At £19.99 this is not a cheap app, but then, if it were cheap, it would rather take away from the glitz and glam that is motorsport's top competition. F1 2012 Timing App is the app for the latest season and offers just about everything you could imagine for the diehard F1 fans out there.

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The headline sell is 130 hours of live coverage of every bit of driving of each race weekend, which you can even break down to the level of driver and even corner view. The choice of just which driver or which corner is your call. You get real-time positioning maps, timing data, commentary and you can also pause sessions if you need to.

iTunes: Link

Price: £19.99

Rating: 5/5

What's nice about the official NBA app is that you really don't have to follow the game of basketball to enjoy it. First up, it's free, which is always a bonus, but, regardless of where you happen to live, you seem to be able to get all sorts of video highlights of what's been going on in the big guys' big league over in the US and that includes things like the top 10 plays of the week featuring dunks a-plenty.

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As usual with these things, there are also fixtures, official news streams as well as Twitter, photo galleries and league tables as well. The whole app is put together very nicely indeed with perhaps the only shortcoming being the bit-rates of some of the streams, which can make watching those highlights packages not quite as good as they could be.

iTunes: Link

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Developed by Education in Sport in partnership with Aldershot manager and former Premier League striker Dean Holdsworth, The Master Tactician is a football strategy app that puts a modern spin on the magnetic tactics board that you'll find in most top-level dressing rooms. But there's a lot more to the app than simply laying out formations.

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The app provides a virtual representation of a football pitch, or a training pitch, where you can see the area as a whole or focus on key areas. You can then drag players into positions (assigning names and numbers if you wish to do so) to explain tactics, formations and set-pieces. You can save your favourite set-ups to refer back to later should they prove successful. As well as players, you can also drag grids, cones, mannequins, poles, hurdles, balls and ladders on to the app’s pitch screen view in order to set up training ground exercises. Read More

iTunes: Link

Price: £2.49

Rating: 3/5

Sky Sports for iPad is the sad remains of the old Sky Sports News iPad app. The content is much the same. The sadness comes in because, these days, you have to be either a Sky Sports TV subscriber or pay £4.99 to access it. In return, you get live access to Sky Sports channels in-Pad but then you can get that with Sky Go anyway. Still, thems the breaks.

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This app contains all of the features that you'd expect from a sports news app - namely sports news in text and video form - but it also adds a nice little bonus feature. Sky Sports News Radio.SSN Radio is a brand new service that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and concentrates entirely on breaking sports news. There are no phone-ins or Ian Wright tantrums here (like a certain other sports radio station).

iTunes: Link

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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