“The amazing everyday.”

Quite a catchy tagline, isn’t it? Nokia certainly hope so, as they’re plastering it all over plasmas, the web, billboards, bus stops, magazines and TV screens from now until the New Year as they launch their new assault on the smartphone market, the Lumia 800.

It’s a swanky bit of kit too (see our review) and it got us talking about all those other little objects of wonderment that surround us. Not all the shiny gadgets though - we got thinking about the everyday, seemingly mundane things.

We’re not the only ones to think about them either as www.hidden-heroes.net shows.

It’s an innovative online exhibition, which incidentally also opens today at the Science Museum in London if you’d rather see it in the flesh, which celebrates the iconic designs that make up some very everyday objects.

It’s a must for design students and anybody who’s ever wondered where some of those things we take for granted came from.

This is a simply brilliant site too – you get to create your own virtual tour of the exhibits and the whole thing is a slick as they come.

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