The GoPro HD is an action cam built firmly with extreme sports in mind. And how's this for some extreme footage?

Okay, it's not sporty - but it is bloomin' incredible. It's the moment that Edouard Janssens Project Stratos-Sphere had a near miss with a jet airline plane, 10km high in the sky.

The project saw the GoPro suspended in a capsule under a meteorological balloon, along with a Sony NEX-5 camera for stills, in a mission to go 33km high - deep into the stratosphere.

"It takes only 90 minutes to go up there at the slow ascending speed of 5.6 m/sec," explained Janssens. "The daily commuting distance of most of us. Translate that to 60 km/h and it would takes you only half an hour to go there with your car. Half an hour. To go deep into the cold blackness of space.

"As a fine-art photographer, the idea of taking photos of the curve of the earth from space and the thinly fading atmosphere we're living in began to emerge as an artistic project around mid 2011."

As well as the incredible video, Janssens' NEX-5 also took some incredible stills.

Makes you feel kind of small doesn't it?

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