So what does it mean to be British in 2011?

Well, we still like to talk about the weather, we're still obsessed by the daily routines of a royal family, we still like to stand in queues and we still can’t seem to elect an effective government.

But what does it really mean, once you cast aside the (often all too accurate) stereotypes?

Through and the BBC, we should find out, with a little help from Ridley Scott and Morgan Matthews.

This Saturday, people will be picking up their video cameras and documenting a day in the life of modern Britain. And you can get in on the action too.

It doesn’t seem to matter what you shoot – the more eclectic the better it would seem.  Upload your footage and it might just make the final cut of a film to be shown on the Beeb. We’re telling you about it today so you can charge your camera batteries, pick your locations and prepare for your close-ups in plenty of time.

This should be a fascinating glimpse at what this country is really like, told by the people who live here.

Let’s just hope there’s decent weather at the weekend.

Yeah, right…

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