I bought a car this weekend. “So what?!” you all cry, but if I told you the whole process, from casually driving past the dealership to signing and shaking on the deal took less than ninety minutes, would that surprise you?

In that time, I checked out the car’s history, read the reviews of owners of the same model, I checked to see if I was paying a fair price and I also sorted out the finance and insurance. All at 3.30pm on a Saturday afternoon.

The only way I was able to do any of it was on the internet, and it fully illustrates just how far we’ve come, and how dependent we are on Tim Berners-Lee’s gift to the world.

The web has evolved far beyond what even Sir Tim could have foreseen. Every aspect of our lives is intertwined with the online world and this graphical representation at evolutionofweb.appspot.com is a fascinating way to explore the history of one of mankind’s greatest leaps forward.

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