The Grand Theft Auto V trailer has just gone live on the web - seemingly proving rumours that the franchise is heading back west; to the California inspired settings that we last saw in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which was released in October 2004, but set in 1992.

GTA V looks to be a more contemporary setting though, with mentions of foreclosure, things going under and poverty in the trailer; perhaps reflecting the current economic crisis.

Last time we were out west for GTA is was mainly three cities involved; specifically Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, or rather their Rockstar counterparts Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.

The narrator of the trailer sounds a lot like Ray Liotta. Perhaps he is back to voice Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Oh, and the music in the trailer: The Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (thanks Shazam).

Update Not Ray Liotta apparently.

What do you guys think? See anything in the trailer that we missed? Let us know using the comments below.