Apparently, money makes the world go round, but actually getting your hands on some can prove a bit tricky, particularly if it’s a loan you’re after.

The banks, who not long ago were throwing money at anybody who walked past their local branch, are now much more reluctant to hand out the readies.

It’s not much better if you’ve got a bit of cash you want to invest either. With interest rates at record lows, getting any kind of return is nigh on impossible.

At, they can help out on both counts.

Zopa is a bit like a dating service for money: if you’re looking for a loan, they’ll find you somebody to lend it to you.

That’s a dramatically over simplified way of explaining it, but it’s pretty much all there is to it in principle.

Investors get a decent return on any spare cash they have (no, it’s not something I’m too familiar with either) and people who can’t borrow money anywhere else have a shot at getting their finances on track.

Win, win.

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