If you’re anything like most of us here, you’ll spend a bit of time this Monday morning wading through all the offers of his ‘n’ hers Rolexes for a tenner, the best herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction and probably an invitation or three to send your life savings to a Nigerian lottery syndicate. Spam is big business, and it may be just an annoyance to most of us, but it can destroy lives.

It’s estimated that the number of actual, physical scam letters sent to the UK runs into millions every year, and that’s a much bigger problem than the irritation of email spam.

There are many people in society who would receive these letters and be taken in – simply because they are good, decent people who genuinely think they’d be doing the right thing in responding to a request for help.

It’s scandalous, it’s infuriating and it’s basically blackmail.

At www.thinkjessica.com they’re trying to do something about it, and it’s a campaign that is really starting to gain some momentum.

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