Usually we'd steer clear of obvious PR stunts. Well, unless they are particularly good or involve us receiving a nice cake.

This effort from US car giant Chevrolet falls into the former, rather than the latter (shame, as we've got a craving for a nice Battenberg).

Its viral attempt was to support the launch of the Chevrolet Aveo and sees the 5-door hatchback taking a bungee jump from a 10-storey tower.

Commenting on the activities, Chevrolet UK MD, Mark Terry, said: "More and more young people are participating in extreme sports, and a car like the new Aveo is the perfect fit for their lifestyle as it’s bold, bright and daring.

"That said, despite the car’s five-star Euro NCAP rating, we wouldn’t recommend you try this at home, and any damage caused by bungee jumping your car or driving it out of an airborne plane certainly won’t be covered by warranty."

The car was poked over the edge by 2.5 million Facebook pokes, each one putting it slightly closer to the big leap.

The result? A great video, some brilliant PR for Chevrolet and, alas, no cake for Pocket-lint.

The New Aveo arrives in UK showrooms at the end of 2011, priced from £9,995.