We're mobile phone mad on the Pocket-lint Podcast this week. With several new handsets, from several different manufacturers, launched since the last edition, we look at the biggest names, discuss their pros and cons, and wonder if it really is the death of the feature phone.

Stuart Miles talks about his experiences at the Googleplex, Mountain View, and what he thinks of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. Plus, he gives us his thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, which he fiddled with both at Nokia World and before.

Ian Morris tells all why he thinks the Motorola RAZR (Droid RAZR in the states) is one of the sexiest phones on the planet. While host Rik Henderson explains how to get the iPhone 4S battery to last 48 hours or more.

Games reviewed this week are Batman: Arkham City and Football Manager 2012.

So, join the team for a ice cream sprinkles-coated podcast, that's more Mountain View that a fountain of poo.

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