Anything Microsoft can do, RIM can do, er....well, not better - but roughly the same except perhaps a little bit more boring.

No, we're not talking smartphones here (that'd be an unfair description, right?) but visions of the future. Following the brilliant Microsoft's vision of the future video that we showed you on Thursday, a couple of RIM efforts have hit the web featuring the BlackBerry maker's idea of what's to come.

And, if we're honest, it's much of a muchness with plenty of clever table, glass and AR action going on - albeit set in a more business-based environment.

After what happened in London in the summer, and the role that BBM played in it, we can't help but kicking off the second video with a tablet displaying the warning "High level of negative social activity in this area" might have been a tad misjudged though.

Still, pretty cool nonetheless.