Despite what Patrick McGoohan famously screamed in The Prisoner, it would appear that we all are, in fact, numbers.

At (yes, I know: back-to-back Beeb plugs and still no discount on the TV License - shocking isn’t it?) you can find out your true place in this world.

Me? I’m number 77,987,211,238 in the list of people who’ve ever lived.

It’s not the most memorable number, I’ll admit, but it is mine. All mine (and yes - I’m considering putting on a T-shirt. And possibly my business cards too…)

At this population data microsite, you can find your own number and also see where you fit into the world’s population story.

It’s a fascinating way to present statistical information that would otherwise leave people catatonic with boredom. And it makes some interesting, if thinly veiled, points about the challenges we face as a small planet with an ever-increasing resource-hungry population.

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