If you liked Corning's A Day Made of Glass video, then you're going to love this vision of the future from Microsoft Office.

Using ideas based on real technologies, Microsoft Office's president Kurt DelBene explains:

"Some of the capabilities, such as speech recognition, real time collaboration and data visualisation already exist today. Others are not yet available in specific products, but represent active research and development happening at Microsoft and other companies.

"Watch this video to see how we see technology moving from a passive tool to a more active assistant, helping us get things done, and strengthening our interactions with one another.

"Information can be interacted with and manipulated using touch and voice commands to create beautiful and useful documents. Better decisions can be made faster with information that is contextually relevant to where you are and what you are doing."

We particularly love the 3D, bezel-less smartphones (although we're not too sure about the Health app), the augmented reality taxi windows and the see-through fridge.

Mind blowing stuff, we're sure you'll agree.