They’ve only gone and done it again. The BBC Nature team has pulled out all the stops and produced yet another incredible series that’s gone straight to the top of many people’s DVD box set wish lists, and has got “award-winning” written all over it - even after only one episode, which premiered last night.

Frozen Planet takes a stunning high-def look at the parts of our globe that rarely experience anything remotely resembling a heatwave, but yet still teem with varied and beautiful life.

As ever, the inimitable (and we hope immortal) Sir David Attenborough narrates these extraordinary tales of survival at some of the harshest places on Earth and the photography is beyond breathtaking – it’s simply exquisite.

The “making of” bits shed light on the whole series and at you’ll find more clips, full episodes to watch online and all the information you could want about this new groundbreaking series.

Brings new meaning to chilling out in front of the telly.

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