We flicked a quick glance at the fickle and fleeting nature of fame yesterday, with a look at an online talent show, but today we look at, what we feel, is perhaps a more enduring way to touch people’s lives and become well known: the written word.

Everyone can write, regardless of what you were told at school or by your patronising boss.

Organising your thoughts into meaningful prose and putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard isn’t alchemy, it’s just thinking and writing it down at the same time. Everyone can do it of they just take the time.

So sites like www.movellas.com, which foster that mentality and give people a platform to share their written musings, are to be applauded.

Here you can publish your stories, be they big and life changing or small and idiosyncratic. It doesn’t’ matter. Here you can celebrate your skill with the written word and become famous in your own right.

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