"Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate,"” said the poet Emily Dickinson, and that was in the 19th Century.

Quite what she’d have made of the likes of the X Factor and Big Brother is anybody’s guess, but the insatiable appetite of the masses for the next big celebrity seems to be spreading through the 21st Century like a virus.

The real danger is an entire generation lacking any real aspiration beyond their proverbial 15 minutes, but I doubt that will stop most from pursuing the dream for even 1 second. And www.1click2fame.com would seem to support this, in a gratuitously (Tesco-sponsored) way.

If you’re a performer you can upload your video and let the great unwashed have their say. A bit like it was in Roman times, if they give the thumbs up everything’s rosy. But if not, the online wilderness beckons.

There are prizes on offer, and the chance to win time with some "star coaches", so there might be a leg-up to the next rung of fame’s slippery ladder if you’ve got what it takes.

But, with so much competition out there for the wannabe stars of tomorrow, any opportunity must be worth a shot. So, if you fancy your chances, we wish you luck. And don't forget your Clubcard...

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