The Kindle reader is one of the most popular choices for ebook reading, letting you read your favourite books on a digital device, without the drawbacks that come with using a tablet or smartphone.

Not only is the Kindle power efficient, meaning it will last weeks and in some cases months on a charge, but it's connected, meaning you can easily download new books plus it's incredibly easy to use, with seamless integration with your Amazon account.

Amazon's Kindle selection has evolved since the first inception, making these readers better in many areas, bringing the display closer to the experience of reading on paper, and adding plenty of new features.

The real decision is which model you should buy. There are currently four models of Kindle offered by Amazon: the refreshed, 2016 version of the Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Oasis.


The basic Kindle comes with the huge advantage of being the cheapest of the lot. Starting at £59.99, it's £50 cheaper than the next model up, so it's a veritable bargain. It's worth noting, however, that the £59.99 version comes with "special offers". These are basically adverts that show on the Kindle when the screen is in sleep mode. Opt to go without these adverts and it's £69.99.

It has recently been revamped and refreshed, with pre-orders now open for a 20 July shipping date. The all-new Kindle still has a 6-inch E Ink Pearl display with no illumination, but is now lighter and thinner than the model it replaced.

The latest version also adds Bluetooth audio support built-in. That means it can read books aloud, through a connected wireless speaker for those visually impaired, without the need for a separate adaptor. It can also be hooked up to wireless headphones.

The screen has a 167ppi resolution which is plenty sharp enough for reading, although the contrast isn't quite as high as the Paperwhite, Voyage or the Oasis, and the fonts are a little softer.

It is a touchscreen device and comes with built-in Wi-Fi meaning you can connect to the internet to update your books. The internal storage will hold thousands of books - which has also had a bump for the new edition - and the battery will see you through weeks of use.

This is the most affordable Kindle reader and the lack of illumination makes it a great choice for kids, as they won't be reading after lights out.

It's not as technically proficient as the other models, but importantly, the reading experience and connectivity at home is good. We'd stump for the version with no special offers.

PRICE: £59.99 (with special offers), £69.99 (no special offers). Available in white or black.

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The big difference between the Paperwhite and the regular Kindle is the illuminated display. This isn't rear illumination like you'll find on a tablet or phone, instead it's lighting that shines across the display so you can see the words. That means you can read in low light or the dark, ideal for reading in a tent, on a plane at night and so on.

The 6-inch E Ink Carta display offers 300dpi and has better contrast than the regular Kindle, meaning whites are brighter and blacks are deeper. Again, this is a touchscreen device, integrated with Amazon to deliver your books, and a battery that lasts for weeks.

Unlike the normal Kindle however, the Paperwhite comes in Wi-Fi or 3G options. The latter has the advantage that you're always connected, meaning that if you finish your book lying on the beach in Spain, you can browse and buy the next bestseller and get reading.

It's more expensive, however, starting at £109.99 for the Wi-Fi only, with "special offers". Again, it's £10 more if you don't want those adverts. However, if you're after that option to be always connected through 3G, it's £169.99 (with special offers) or £179.99 (no special offers). If you do opt for 3G the connection data is included in the price.

The illumination is the big seller here along with the higher resolution for a sharper reading experience. It makes reading a pleasure, day or night.

The £109.99 option is a winner if you're happy to accept those special offers and think you can live with Wi-Fi only.

PRICE: From £109.99. Available in white or black.

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In the middle of the Kindle pile is the Voyage. This is an evolution of the Paperwhite and offers many of the same experiences. It has the same 6-inch Carta E Ink display with 300dpi and illumination, but with a difference.

In this case the illumination is adaptive, changing automatically to suit the environment you're in. That will give a lovely soft illumination when it's really dark, so it doesn't dazzle and strain your eyes, changing as the environment does for optimal reading conditions. 

Not only that, but the build is a step above the Kindle Paperwhite too. On the Voyage there's a flat front, ditching the plastic bezel for a slicker, cleaner design. This design integrates page turning sensors that react to pressure, meaning there's no need to tap on the edge of the display, you just press a little harder and the page turns.

Again, there are Wi-Fi or 3G options, offering the same benefits as the regular Paperwhite, allowing you to be connected wherever you might be. Perhaps surprisingly, the Voyage is the lighter than the Kindle and Paperwhite models, ideal for those travelling and again offers storage for thousands of books and a battery that last weeks.

It's one of the more costly Kindle too. Starting at £169.99 for the Wi-Fi only model, or £229.99 for the 3G model. Again, if you opt for 3G, all your access data is included in the purchase price.

Choose the Kindle Voyage because you want one of the lightest and slickest Kindles of the bunch.

The adaptive illumination makes for a premium experience, with no need to dive into the settings, combined with an effortlessly natural page turning sensor. It's one of the best, but that's reflected in the price.

PRICE: From £169.99.

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Top of the Kindle offering is the Oasis. It is the lightest and slimmest Kindle, as well as the most expensive. Like the Paperwhite and the Voyager, the Oasis has a 6-inch display with 300ppi but the front-lighting is now cast from the side through a new diffusion layer said to offer more illumination.

The Oasis also offers an entirely new design. All the components are housed within one edge of the device, while physical buttons have been introduced for page turns, although you can also use the touchscreen too.

Amazon has designed this Kindle to be used effortlessly with one-hand and there is an accelerometer on board to allow you to use it left- or right-handed, as well as in landscape mode. As the Oasis is smaller, it offers a two-week battery life on its own but it comes with a battery cover in the box that will provide an extra seven weeks use.

The battery cover comes in black, merlot or walnut colour options and it fixes in place using magnets, waking up the display when opened. Like the Paperwhite and Voyager, the Kindle Oasis comes in a Wi-Fi model and 3G model, with a starting price of £269.99. The 3G model will set you back £329.99 and again, offers the same benefits of always being connected like the Paperwhite and Voyager.


The Kindle Oasis is for those that want the latest and greatest Kindle. 

It is the lightest, slimmest and funkiest Kindle of the pack, while also offering months of battery life and a lovely leather cover to boot.

PRICE: From £269.99.

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