It’s nice to do things together, isn’t it? If you’ve just spent the weekend with friends or family, you’ll probably still have that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from spending time with people you care about.

We’re social creatures, and when numbers of us gather, amazing things can happen. That’s how revolutions happen.

If you get a similar warm fuzzy feeling from saving money too, you might be interested in spending some time with the people at, a new way to use collective buying power to drive down prices.

In this case it’s energy, insurance, mobile and broadband prices that are targeted by the negotiating team at Incahoot. If enough people sign up, they get the best deals for everyone involved.

It’s a simple idea that’s worked well in other areas of the online world, so there’s no reason to doubt this won’t be successful too.

This may not be the start of the revolution, but it’s certainly keeping it going.

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