As somebody in the office has just passed a milestone birthday (yes, 21 again…) it never ceases to amaze us how generous friends can be sometimes.

Gifts, greetings and good wishes arrived, even from people we don’t get to see or speak to very often, and that’s what made the occasion special. But if somebody had given me a shiny new iMac, for instance, then things would have been really, very special indeed. But alas, no. If only they'd all clubbed together.

And that’s exactly the reasoning behind

If your mates club together whenever you have an occasion, they could get you something extra special.

It’s a simple enough idea, much like a wedding list. You create a page for your virtual whip-round and share it with anybody you think might want to contribute towards the cost of a present for your friends or loved ones.

That means, the cost is shared and your nearest and dearest won’t get a random collection of socks, compilation CDs and china ornaments ever again.

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