One thing that us Brits do very well is to take the right royal mickey out of the great and the good in our society. As soon as somebody becomes even the slightest bit known for doing anything of note, they become the unwitting target of those most caustic of commentators – the cartoonists.

The political cartoon in particular is something that has been elevated to an art form in its own right, and in many ways it’s difficult to imagine a better time than right now for being a political cartoonist. The plethora of seemingly hopeless cretins charged with running this country must make actually choosing their next targets the only real challenge.

But at you can see how the satirical doodle has evolved over time into the scathing masterpieces of today, as the University of Kent puts its entire archive of British newspaper cartoons online for the world to see.

This is a fascinating resource, and one that will appeal to anybody with an eye on current affairs. And a wicked sense of humour.

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