Life is full of questions.

Some of them are important: "one for the road?", maybe.

Some of them are very important: "are you sure you want the extra hot chilli sauce, sir?", is just one example.

Some are really very important: "do you want to come in for coffee?", for instance.

Some transcend the normal importance levels of subject matter: "just exactly how big are Christina Hendricks’ boobies anyway?" And that’s precisely why the humble search engine was invented. (Even the mighty Internet can’t help you with the first three…)

If you’re feeling brand-neutral, you can "ask the internet", but ninety nine times out of a hundred you’ll Google something, and is designed for those people who simply don’t get the concept and instead bombard you with stupid questions. Just type in what they’ve asked you and send them the resulting link.

You should find they ask someone else in future…

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