RIM has uploaded a video to its YouTube channel which sees founder Mike Lazaridis issuing an apology for repeated outages and issues to BlackBerry services this week. 

"Since launching BlackBerry in 1999, its been my goal to deliver reliable, real-time communications around the world. We did not deliver on that goal this week... not even close. I apologise for the service outages this week," says Lazaridis.

Lazaridis then goes on to say that it is too soon to think the issue is fully resolved and that he "expects better from us", when talking about BlackBerry's failings. 

The video states that normal BlackBerry service in Europe, the middle east, India and Africa has nearly been restored. 

"We expect to see continued progress and possibly some instability as the system comes back to normal service levels everywhere."

Presumably this instability he talks about could mean a few more outages. Either way, good on BlackBerry for responding with a proper apology so soon, it certainly takes the edge off things, particularly for frustrated users of the handsets. 

Shouldn't be long now until everything is back to normal in BlackBerry-land. 

"I'd like to give you an estimated time for full recovery around the world, but I cannot do this at this time."

"We are working tirelessly to restore your trust in us." Almost there then, just get it fixed and maybe people will forget. BlackBerry can't afford to have many more iPhone converts and with the new Apple smartphone out tomorrow, this is about the worst time they could have chosen for such a serious service outage. 

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Hunter Skipworth

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