Take it from someone who moved out of the big city a few years ago (these days, if a police siren goes past, we all come out to watch and will be talking about it for days), there’s nothing quite like knowing exactly where your food is coming from and buying it direct from the farm. You really can taste the difference.

Yes, you can get decent organic or locally sourced food in the big city centres, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a regular farmers’ market near you, but what if you can’t? Buying online might seem like an odd thing to do for farm-fresh food, but if it’s the only way to get your hands on it, then you can do a lot worse than www.fieldandflower.co.uk, a family run farm in Somerset who will deliver to your door anywhere in the UK.

They’ve been farming for five generations, so they know a thing or two about livestock. Their monthly meat boxes will give you a taste of the countryside, no matter where you live, and their prices will make even the most cut-throat supermarkets hang their heads in shame, when you consider the difference in quality. Less is more when you’re dealing with the good stuff.

Even if you’re not tempted by the products, there’s loads of advice on storing, preparing and cooking meat too, so if you’re a carnivore, this is well worth a try.

Tuck in.

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