You’d be forgiven for thinking we’d gone all naturist over here, what with yesterday’s barefoot running and the innuendo-laden delights of today.

But no - we’re just trying to take a bit better care of ourselves, and with most of the office being cursed with a sweet tooth, we just had to take a closer look at the healthy snack options on display here.

It’s all too easy to add a cinnamon swirl or an almond croissant to that mid-morning coffee order, but there are alternatives if you’re trying to keep in shape. The Natural Balance Food Company do a range of yummy snacks to suit all tastes and they’re not loaded with nasties, just wholesome, healthy stuff, arranged to make snacks that don’t taste like the bottom of a parrot’s cage.

The “Shock Olate” range is the one that’s really caught our eye and buying online gives you some half decent savings too.

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