A teaser video for the next Motorola handset has appeared online, promising an imminent announcement on a product that is "Faster, thinner, smarter, stronger".

Titled "Motorola's Next...", the 35-second clip is a collection of images that suit each tagline including a bullet, rollercoaster and fighter jet for speed; a laser beam and the flat iron building in New York, that sort of thing for thinner; a brain for smarter; and a diamond and the hoover dam for stronger. However, possibly the most interesting addition is the inclusion of the image of a razor.

This leads us to believe that, while we know that Motorola is planning a sequel to its Atrix phone, Atrix 2, it is more likely a teaser for the unveiling of the Motorola Droid RAZR (aka Droid HD or Motorola Spyder), a handset that we've heard about before, with the leak of some pictures and specification details at the end of September.

Regardless, no matter which phone it may be, the rapidly increasing heartbeat and lingering date - 18 October 2011 - already have us excited.

You can be sure that we'll let you know what Motorola has up its sleeve as soon as we find out.

What do you think it could be teasing? Let us know in the comments below...