Steve Job's life is to be immortalised in a movie based on a yet to be released biography of the Apple co-founder. 

Sony Pictures is to acquire the rights to ex Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson's book, entitled simply entitled Steve Jobs. According to, plans for the biopic include Mark Gordon as producer, there is however no information as to who will play Jobs. 

Sony Pictures had previously been the studio responsible for Oscar winning Facebook movie The Social Network. 

Those who can't wait for the biopic to arrive wouldn't do any harm in checking out Pirates of Silicon Valley, a semi-comical and thoroughly nineties look at the beginning of the massive turnaround the Steve Jobs was responsible for at Apple. 

Walter Isaacson's book is due out on 24 October and is so popular it briefly made it onto the Amazon top 50 list before it had even been published. It is a 448 page book based on 40 interviews with Steve Jobs and hundreds of conversations with those in the Apple infrastructure. More than enough to base a feature film on then. 

Pirates of Silicon Valley was aired in the US on TNT in tribute to Steve Jobs on Thursday, it features ER's Anthony Michael Hall as Steve Jobs. 

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Hunter Skipworth

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