The human body is a truly wondrous thing. Despite any aches and pains you might feel from time to time, it’s actually a masterpiece of design and engineering.

Take your legs. They carry your weight around and take all kinds of punishment, without ever really complaining about it.

Your hips, knees, ankles and feet put up with everything you throw at them, and often they do it with ill-fitting shoes, which make them work twice as hard as they should.

You see, nature knows best, according to, a company that designs shoes to mimic barefoot running – a craze that is becoming increasingly popular among fitness professionals and physiotherapists alike.

Your foot is able to deal with all kinds of terrain and will absorb a lot more shock than you’d imagine. This is particularly true for youngsters. There’s a growing consensus that suggests that kids should be left barefoot until their feet are fully developed. So while those little designer trainers might look cute, they’re not doing your little darling’s feet much good.

It’s a fascinating subject and you’ll find everything you need to know about going barefoot right here.

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