How’s that shiny new digital SLR working out for you? You know the one – we recommended it to you. You saved up, you went out and you bought it. And now you take it everywhere with you, right?

We reckon you’re probably quite pleased with the results too, aren’t you? These things do everything for you, don’t they?

And that’s the whole point of

It’s all too easy to leave the dial on that little green square and just let the camera do all the work.

But there’s a danger that the real skill of capturing amazing shots, rather than just good ones, might pass you by. This is a brilliant way of experimenting with ISO speeds, aperture settings and shutter speeds, as well as lighting conditions and even different focal lengths. All without even leaving the house.

This is the best simulator we’ve seen, and an hour or so spent trying it out will see a massive improvement in your pictures, as you start to explore the real capabilities of your new toy.

And if you haven’t bought a digital SLR yet, what are you waiting for? Get to our review pages immediately.

Go on, shoo!

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