Talk about future proofing, Microsoft has gone and plonked Xbox 720 adverts in the Real Steel movie. Eagle-eyed gaming fans spotted the Xbox 720 adverts in the latest trailer for the film.

Real Steel is set some time in the near future and sees Hugh Jackman doing what he does best: fighting. Only this time not with a beard and assisted by the sharpened claws of Wolverine, instead via giant radio controlled boxing robots. 

The Xbox 720 advert did briefly distract us from what looked like a Transformers movie directed by Chris Eubank. Sadly short of a logo there was absolutely nothing whatsoever revealed as to the new console. Either it is Microsoft making a joke out of its own hype, or it is the first nod to what will be the new console from Xbox.

Whatever happens, it has got us excited. Those who haven't played Gears of War 3 yet, you need to witness what it looks like. That is on a console over six years old. Who knows, maybe even Real Steel will be a launch title with the Xbox 720 ... or not. 

Real Steel is out 7 October and the Xbox 720 branding starts around 40 secs into the video. 

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