Every so often the odd video comes along that surprises even the darkest depths of our geeky souls. Something so terrifically time consuming, yet utterly brilliant in its fanboyish approach that we can't help but stare at it.

This special Gears of War 3 Lancer made entirely out of Lego is most definitely one of them. First up it is bar none the most complex piece of bricks put together that we have ever seen. We can't even begin to contemplate the amount of man hours involved in putting something like this together, let alone making it so both the chainsaw and ammo cartridge work.

The gun operates by having rubber bands wrapped around the black brick ammo cartridge, which is then snapped into place, Gears of War style. You then draw back the firing mechanism on top of the rifle and away you go. From the looks of it the gun itself has quite a bit of power, thankfully the builders even went to the effort to put a safety catch on it.

The battery operated chainsaw mounted below the Lancer is easily our favourite bit, particularly when the gun's builders use it to knock over the tiny paper Locust cut outs. 

This is one for both Lego and Gears fans to enjoy, we doubt it will ever make its way onto shop shelves, but perhaps a guide on building the thing will turn up. Don't imagine it comes cheap though, looks like more bricks have been used in putting the entire Lancer together than Pocket-lint's entire childhoods combined. 

What do you think of the Lego Lancer? Awesome or not awesome? Let us know in the comments below ...