The Mitsubishi booth at CEATEC 2011 was gaining a lot of attention. Not because of the pretty ladies that were on hand to help show off its new tech (although that helped), but because it had a 2.7m high 3D curved display showing off the latest organic EL technology.

Dubbed "Diamond Vision" the display is made up of 696 OLED squares measuring 96 x 96mm, with a pixel pitch of 3mm. Each "cell" reacts with its neighbours to form one big display, meaning the technology would be perfect for advertising boards or public info displays.

The Mitsubishi rep told Pocket lint that the display had a brightness of 200cd/m2 and was consuming power at a rate of 11.2kW. Stunning, we're sure you'll agree - and the display's not too shoddy either.

Also on show in the Mitsubishi area of the huge tech show was its laser-backlight LCD TVs. These TVs combine a red laser and a cyan LED at different angles of divergence and the colour gamut is around 1.3 times what you'd get with a typical LED backlit TV.

The TVs are due to hit Japanese shops later this year.

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