If music be the food of love, then console.fm is an unbridled orgy full of complete strangers.

It’s another way to find exciting new music online, but the best bit is that all of it is sourced from Soundcloud, so it’s from emerging artists, electronica whizzkids and raw new talent.

The sheer variety of tunes on here (all helpfully arranged by genre) is staggering and, much like a virtual house party where no one person has complete control of the iPod (other MP3 players are available), the random mix of stuff is what keeps everything sounding fresh.

If you come across something you like, you can share it with your mates through the ubiquitous Twitter and Facebook links and you can chat with other users through their social media-friendly interfaces too.

If new is your preferred flavour when it comes to music, you could do worse than spending some time here.

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