Official: iPhone 4S release 14 Oct, says Apple Japan

Apple Japan’s online Apple Store has just gone live with the news that the company will launch the iPhone 4S on 14 October. It's a slip that is bound to get someone fired. 

The details, which are still very sketchy, show the Apple Japan Ginza store home page with a placeholder for the iPhone 4S and with it the date 10/14 at 8am.

The site appears to also reveal an updated iPod nano, although images are not yet live.

The description of the iPod nano includes references to a new user interface, improvements to fitness functions and a new clock face.

Pricing for the nano also appears to begin at 10,800 yen (£91.25 at current exchange rates), down from the current 13,800 yen.

The 14 October date also ties in with an anonymous tip that Pocket-lint has received, stating that there will be two phones - iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 - and that the 16GB iPhone 4 will be binned in favour of a 8GB version.

UPDATE: The rumours are correct, it is just the iPhone 4S

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