It looks like Asus isn't pulling any punches with its sequel to the surprisingly decent EeePad. The Transformer 2 is, according to the companies' CEO Jerry Shen, due out soon and will land packing the lastest version of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich. 

On top of that, Amazon's recently announced Fire tablet has clearly caused a bit of a pricing shakeup in the Android world, with the Asus CEO saying the new Transformer will not compete in the tablet market over device price. The new Transformer 2, according to DigiTimes, is set to be priced in at $499, a bit of a way off of the Fire then. 

Rumours have pointed to Asus possibly launching the new Transformer this month, with a quad-core Nvidia Kal-El processor in tow. It also looks like the Transformer 2 will pack the same detachable keyboard found in the original, possibly granting additional battery life and making typing a lot easier. 

Asus is planning on pumping out plenty of the new Transformer 2 tablets after what was a stock shortage on the surprisingly successful first generation model. 

Pocket-lint will be keeping its eyes peeled on the Asus front, if the last tablet was anything to go by, we could have another sleeper hit on our hands. 

Excited about the Transformer 2? We want to know in the comments below... 

Hunter Skipworth

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