APP OF THE DAY: Colors (Android)

Sometimes it's the simplest Android apps that are the most impressive and few are as simple as today's App of the Day app review on Pocket-lint.

One of the major advantages to using an Android smartphone is that you can customise and personalise to your heart's content. The only trouble is that, with so many e-mails, browser windows open and app games to get yourself addicted to, it's often all too easy to overlook this plus point, but don't worry. Today's app will help you sort some of that out in one tap.




Android Market

Forgive the American spelling. Colors is still a fantastic app. As one review on the Android Market reads, “its odd that we need an app for such a thing, but its useful”. The thing that this user refers to is wallpaper.

One of the big wow factors when the Nexus One arrived were those funky, interactive, live wallpapers that we could have spanning our desktops and secretly chewing through battery life and taking up precious RAM. So, eventually, these get a little dull and actually something more subtle and speedy becomes appealing.

Step in Colors by developer Tim Clark. Colors is a very simple look at wallpapers for Android. Like the name suggests, the app offers you a choice of plain colours. All you do is pick one and it becomes your wallpaper. Now, that sounds rather dull but there are a couple of things to bare in mind.

Firstly, there are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of colours to choose from. Secondly, they sort of all look brilliant, and thirdly - probably the part we like best - is that you can chop and change whenever you feel like it without having to search the Market and download another app. A new look phone is just one tap away. Other bonuses include the fact that the app is free (87p, if you would like to ditch the ads) and it’s small (432KB).

Colors leverages the ColourLovers community where people from around the world "create and share colours, palettes and patterns as well as discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles all in the spirit of love."

As such there are plenty to choose from and often have very amusing names such as Sex on the Floor, Love like a Man and Allergic to Lobster. You can make lists of favourites and cycle through them as you see fit. A must for any Android fandroid.

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