With the excitement of what looks to be the iPhone 5 launch event just a day away, pictures of the long rumoured cheaper iPhone 4s/5 have appeared online.

The snaps made their way to Gizmodo via the Brazilian Foxconn factory. On the face of it they look relatively unassuming, being the same form factor and design as the current generation iPhone. A brief glance at the quality control form however, and our iPhone 5 alarm bells start ringing; the model number listed is N90A. 

The N90A moniker has turned up repeatedly in connection with a cheaper iPhone, supposedly called the iPhone 4s. Just like the older 3GS, it is said to look the same as the iPhone 4 but with a reduced price. No specifications are known as of yet, nor is the actual device itself confirmed to be making an appearance tomorrow.

All will be revealed at Apple's 4 October event. Pocket-lint will of course be there, laptop in tow, primed and ready to fire out as much new iPhone information as possible, the second we hear it. 

Pic: Gizmodo

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Hunter Skipworth

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