Apple has begun sending out invites for an iPhone event at its Cupertino HQ that will take place on 4 October at 10am local time, 6pm UK time.

The invite is simply a number of Apple icons with the message: "Let's talk iPhone".

The iPhone 5 release date has long been a subject of rumour with speculation as to what's to come drumming up quite a debate online.

We're now not even sure if it is the iPhone 5 that will launch, or just a revamped iPhone 4 - dubbed the iPhone 4S - or both? Who knows? Well, a number of Apple employees no doubt do, so expect their new leader, Tim Cook, to share all the juicy details next week.

All four iPhone launch events so far have taken place at the Moscone Centre and both iPad media gatherings were at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The switch to home ground at Cupertino suggests Apple wants control of the networks and do not want a repeat of the iPhone 4 launch shenanigans. An LTE iPhone perhaps? Or one packing NFC?

Looking at the icons chosen by Apple, it's all pretty straight forward. It's on Tuesday the 4th, at 10am, at Apple HQ. It's the little one missing call badge that's got us all a bother. Could it be that it means that there's just one phone coming? Or that if you add a 1 to the 4 in the calendar icon you get 5? Or could it be a reference to the "Assistant" feature that has been touted as you've missed a call?

Or could it mean nothing, and be designed simply to intrigue fanboy conspiracy theorists?

Rest assured Pocket-lint will be all over the event like a bad rash, so be sure to check back for all your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S details then.

We'll be attending the UK based event that will be held at the company's Covent Garden store.