At it's inviting us to “spread the web”. An odd request, when you think about it.

The web’s already pretty spread isn’t it? But what it means is to find the really good bits and spread those amongst people you know that will appreciate it.

It's come up with a “social media discovery tool”, which is a great way of saying "use this to find stuff worth watching and sharing with your mates".

Unlike pinging a YouTube link over on email, here you can spread your favourite content through Facebook or Twitter and watch it with your friends - chatting about what you’re watching or listening to at the same time.

And with Facebook heading into media sharing in an even bigger way, this is one idea that could do very well.

We hope it does, simply because it’s so easy to use. Drag 'n' drop your favourite files, share them easily and all without the hassle of any international restrictions.

Time to spread the web indeed.

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