Judging by www.drawastickman.com, the humble doodle has come a long, long way.

Once upon a time, your average stick man would maybe have a few accessories – a top hat, or some buttons maybe. If he was lucky he’d maybe get a stick woman to play with. If he wasn’t so lucky, the poor sod would get strung up in every schoolboy’s favourite word guessing game: Hangman.

And it looks like he’s still in a bit of bother, as here he has to take on a few challenges before facing a fiery dragon, and more besides.

This is absolutely brilliant, mindless fun for a Friday, which has already been hijacked at this end. When asked to draw a sword, somebody obviously decided to draw something else entirely (you can probably guess which bit of anatomy it was). Juvenile, yes. But very, very funny too.

There appears to be no limit to how your stickman looks, or what he gets to play or fight with, so get scribbling and have some fun.

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