When you were a kid, did you spend most of the year looking forward to when your favourite annuals were published? You know: those bumper editions of Eagle, Smash HitsBunty, Viz, or whatever it was you devoured for bedtime reading.

And when you were a kid, did anybody ever tell you that doing nothing was bad for you? Yeah, me too.

So, it’s with great pleasure that I can introduce you to idler.co.uk, the online home of the yearly homage to doing naff all, The Idler.

It’s nearly a legend among the more mellow of the intelligentsia, and with a successful West London café and now an academy to its name too, it might well be spreading the joys of doing as little as possible in very civilized ways, even wider very soon.

Check through the archives and you’ll find all kinds of wonderful writing from all kinds of people, and a particular favourite part for those of us now with kids ourselves, is the Idle Parent blog.

So if you prefer to watch those people in the fast lane scamper this way and that on their way to an early grave, this is somewhere you’ll probably enjoy spending some time.

Go on - take it easy.

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