Motorola could be set to release a 7-inch Android powered tablet that is even thinner than the Xoom according to stills leaked onto the Internet. 

Website obtained footage that showed a new look Motorola tablet sat on top of a table, next to what looks to be a rather large and as yet unnamed handset. 

The slate appears to sport a similar design as that of the US-only Photon 4G, with rounded corners and what looks like a white border around the tablet. 

You can see what appears to be the Android camera application running on the tablets as well as Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI ports on one end.

Not much else can be garnered from the blurry shots of the Moto tablet unfortunately. We don't even have a name with which to christen this new piece of Motorola tech, let alone whether it will even make it into consumers' hands.

One thing we will say is that Motorola's own CEO Sanjay Jha previously mentioned a 7-inch tablet arriving before the end of the year. This could be just that.

Excited about a mini Motorola tablet?

Hunter Skipworth

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