Google Wallet, the NFC-based payment system, could be launched imminently according to documentation currently being sent to partners. 

TechCrunch is reporting that the new Google tech's announcement will coincide with the NFC World Congress. While Google is not listed as an exhibitor at the event, the official sponsor is MasterCard (Google Wallet's main partner). 

Until now Google Wallet has been running in a field trial, with an official launch pegged for the summer. Judging by the recent weather, that window has now well and truly come to an end. If you do want to get bogged down in technical terms however, Google has until 22 September to make its summer launch window. 

Google Wallet itself is currently only available to Sprint customers using the Nexus S 4G handset. There is also set to be a special Google Wallet sticker product for Android handsets that lack NFC. As such tomorrow could mean more announced on the non-Nexus S 4G Google Wallet front.

Pocket-lint being as awesome as it is, does of course have a person on the ground at the NFC Congress on the French Riviera, so expect more on the Google Wallet front if it is indeed launched.

All things point to 20 September as a likely launch date, particularly given that the new Nexus Prime (complete with NFC) is said to be launching next month. 

Excited about Google Wallet? 

Hunter Skipworth

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